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Hoto Fudo, a Tradional Food Restaurant, by Takeshi Hosaka Architects

The ARCHITECT was TAKESHI HOSAKA. The STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS was OVE ARUP & PARTNERS JAPAN Ltd HITOSHI YONAMINE. The Name of the project was HOTO FUDO. It was located on Fuji Kawaguchiko, Minamituru-gun, Yamanashi, JAPAN. It was far from Tokyo about two hours by the train, neared the Mt.Fuji. The Structurewas RC. The Site reached 2493.82 m2. The Building area was 733.98 m2. The Floor area ratio was 726.30 m2. The Building height reached 7460 mm. it consisted of one floor. The A local traditional food restaurant.

HOTO FUDO was a building like inside and outside.

The restaurant design was situated on the site with Mt. Fuji rising closely in the south and the two sides facing the trunk roads. There were such nature objects as mountains and clouds. The restaurant interior was built from soft geometry, which would not arise from the figures like quadrangles and circles. The shape that cleared the conditions such as the consistency as shell construction and the undulations that warded off rainwater in spite of its free geometry were established by continuously operating innumerable polygon mesh points.

No air conditioners were present usually it used to be out in the open air. Only during the strong wind and the coldest season, the curved acrylic sliding door was closed. a stable temperature environment was secured for the building like inside and outside, giving 60 mm thick urethane insulation to the outside of the RC shell and keeping a stable RC temperature secures. The deformation volume was reduced due to the temperature of RC to make the building last longer.


Such illumination as made people simply feel changes in the evening light and did not make insects gather around the lights, was planned for the lighting plan. Rain dropped near windows and doors when it rained. The sound of raindrops was enjoyed in the spaces where rain did not come in. The fog entered the building, when its froggy. It became a landscape buried in snow when it snowed, and birds and animals came there. People could eat hoto rich in natural ingredients in this place, where like the middle between nature and art. *HOTO was traditional local noodle food.

An igloo-like noodle restaurant near Mount Fuji, Japan, was completed by Japanese studio Takeshi Hosaka Architects. Called Hoto Fudo, to circulate through large openings in the walls, air was allowed from outdoors, apart from in the coldest season when curved acrylic sliding doors were used. The rain was allowed to fall at the edges of the interior, fog to enter through the openings and wind to circulate under the reinforced concrete shell.