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KD-House Interior Design by Geneto in Shiga Prefecture

A two-by-four construction unit house by Sekisui Heim was renovated. It was located in a new residential area in Shiga prefecture. The Japanese interior was built to make the site strangely narrow, although the site was relatively broad.

To salvage the situation, flourishing life scenes were created inside.

Line of sight from adjacent land was prevented by the wall and carried in daylight and draft. A buffer zone was the space between the new and existing wall. Rooms like hobby room were created. Giving character to each room, furniture (tables, storage cabinets and horigotatsu) was in the wall. It created 4 layers including the inside surrounded by walls, the surrounding buffer zone, the outside (garden) buffer zone and the surrounding environment by making a buffer zone in the modern interior.


The inside and outside softly were connected. Various life scenes turned around the wall, and the space. A project renovated the relations between the existing inside and outside space.

Diagonal walls across the house interior in Shiga, Japan, were set by Japanese architects Geneto. Views were captured through to neighbouring houses. New spaces were created in between the rooms. Called KD-House, to make best use of the new areas created, the renovation of interior design also included installing built-in wooden tables and storage.

This exotic interior was developed by the interior designer with the experiment of water filled ice bags – reminiscent of those used by British nurses to sooth the fever of an ailing patient in a 1950’s film.

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