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Store Interior for FitFlop by Sybarite

Fit Flop is the client here and the Sybarite was the architect who hails from London.

FitFlop Concept

The concept of store design was modern but timeless, interactive, refreshable, easy to merchandise and identifiable via its architecture with expanding of a product from one original namesake sandal to year-round boots and shoes.

A design that carried the brand’s energy anywhere, was fast and easy to install was the answered. It would look as good in LA as it does in Shanghai, whether in a standalone, pop up, or multibrand shop. To create perfectly flexible space functionality, the moulded pods could be custom-placed as shelves, hanging displays, mirrors and bins for accessories.  The concept of FitFlop allows visual merchandising which in the end comes out as logical, shoppable and uncluttered. An otherwise neutral palette cooperated well with merchandise of any season, energized by splashes of colour.

living room

With several more in the works for the coming year including London and Los Angeles, the first locations took placed in the Phillipines on January 2011.

A modular display system of store interior was designed by London studio Sybarite for shoe brand FitFlop. As required in each store, forming shelving, hooks, signage, mirrors and containers adapted round pods. The first stores, which opened, were in the Philippines and FitFlop’s plan was to roll out the design internationally. Photographs were by Marco Zanta.

The goal of the project was to nullify the boundaries of fashion, that suited to the gallery’s intention: to produce and present objects that are more personal, that talk to us as singular individuals. The gallery located at 23 rue Charlot, Paris 3rd, exhibited exclusive one-off pieces, jewelry and fashion.


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